Time to be nerdy

19 11 2010

So, considering the bulk of my last posts have been oriented towards my travels, I felt it was time to show my nerdy side again.


There has been some interesting things that have been happening in the world of pharmacy that have gotten me excited. I will start with the most recent piece of news, the pulling of propoxyphene from the US drug market.

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Parents of Earth…

9 11 2010
From Random

Originally found here.


There are many reasons why you should get immunized.

1) Best way to decrease morbidity and mortality from preventable disease

2) Increasing herd immunity to protect the community as a whole

3) If you don’t, Darth Vader is going to do that thing where he can choke you from across the room.

From Random

The places you see pharmacy….

6 11 2010

I wrote a post earlier this year talking about pharmacists in movies and TV.


Well, at the beginning of Episode 5 of No Ordinary Family I see this:

From Random


Know your medicine, know your pharmacist!


I was so excited. No talk about the pharmacist, but at least it was good product placement.


UPDATE: Watching the show its all about thief’s lifting pharmacies. Even shows a scene where an old pharmacist is getting blasted in the face with glass.

Dear Andy, I still listen to .Moneen.

5 11 2010

The east has stolen what the west may want.


November 6, 2010 stole

The taste of freedom

Of the life I used to know


6 long weeks

to wait and wonder..


It wont be long before I am living back on the east coast. Time will tell how much I will miss being in the open areas of the southwest.


For now, I am going to listen to Moneen some more. I haven’t listen them for week, I have been on a kick of listening to Harry Potter Books on Tape.


and Andy, This was a total cop out – you may be hearing from me again.

Pictures from last weekend…

2 11 2010
The Ice Cave, El Morro, Santa Fe, and Petroglyoph National Monument

Just Like That…

2 11 2010

I stood in a spot today. This spot is almost 2000 miles from my home. Yet, it’s somewhere I had stood 10 years ago.

As I was standing there, staring into a dark, cold cave; the hot sun beating down on my back, I began to reminisce. I was thinking of who I was 10 years ago, and how I ended up back in the same place.

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