Yep, I did make it to my rotation

21 01 2011

I know I haven’t updated in awhile. I have been pretty busy, just doing things, and in all actuality to lazy to write up here.


I figured I would give you the low down on what’s been going on, what I have been doing.


My rotation is very cool. I do a lot of monitoring. I feel like I am actually doing things for people, and using the things I have learned in school. I also get to write orders for people (which is significantly less fun after the 2nd or 3rd time).


One draw back, I don’t meet with patients a lot. Which is both good and bad. I like working with people in the community setting. It can be hard to walk into a room to ask some questions when the person is highly sedated and out of it. My guess is that will come with time.


The town here is awesome. They have a “main” street that is just full of people and vibrant. It’s like a nice little village.They have a bunch of places to go, movie theaters, grocery stores, target, and tons of restaurants.I feel very comfortable here. There are several ski resorts in the area (I think I should learn) and the world’s largest host springs pool down the road.


I am in the roaring fork valley so mountains surround me. I can take the main street through a couple of small mountain towns, and end up in Aspen only about 30-45 min away. Or I can hope on I-70 and get to grand junction or Moab, UT in a short time.


Overall I am very happy – Just wanted to update everyone since it has been 3 weeks. I am hoping to head out to UT today and check out canyonlands and arches national parks. We’ll see maybe next week.