What happens when I come home?

30 09 2010

Clean up. Make some food. Open my blinds and see this in my front yard:

119_3482 119_3484Only here.


Chinle or bust

27 09 2010

So I finally have a chance to sit down and talk with everyone about what’s been going on in the wonderful state of Arizona.

I can’t believe what has happened so far. Let’s start from the beginning.

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Raising Arizona

25 09 2010

“H.I., you’re young and you got your health, what you want with a job?”


I’m young, I’m healthy and I’m working a job. The free kind.


T-minus 6 hours until my flight takes off and I can’t sleep. I mixture of anxiety, excitement, and a 5 hour energy taken at the wrong time. So it goes.


I can’t wait to get there and explore the area. As of right now, next weekend will be spent in Canyon De Chelly, and the following weekend in Tuscon.


Things I want to do

1) Santa Fe during the Day of the Dead celebrations

2) Flagstaff/ Grand Canyon

3) is a toss up between

a) Bryce Canyon/ Zion

b) Mesa Verde/ Four corners

c) relax for a weekend

We shall see. Good night, hopefully.

Lesson Learned 3: After the Nuclear Apocalypse…

11 09 2010

There will be only 2 things that will remain.

1) Twinkies


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