Another year?

26 04 2011

I have decided to keep the DestinationPharmD up over the next year. I probably won’t update it very much but at least it is there.


I am done… and this is how far I’ve been.

13 04 2011

Two and a half weeks ago I posted my blog for the last day of rotations. In those several days a lot has happened to me. I went to Vegas and one 120 dollars. I was on  The Price is Right (actually on April 20th is the air date). I went to see Conan and Jay Leno live. I saw the shooting of Wonder Woman and walked on the set of untitled TV pilot. I saw stars exiting the premier of Soul Surfer, and I would down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I went to Disneyland. I saw the LA Kings, and a manic homeless man on the subway. I ate at Umami Burger, Jack in the Box, Carl’s Junior, and In and Out Burger. I walked 40 miles, waited countless hours, and almost passed out. I drove a cross the country – seeing desert, mountains, plains, and forests.  I have lived a lifetime of experiences in just a short few weeks.


But in the scheme of things the last few weeks have only been a small part of the last 12 months or so.


I have been to 29 states, I have been to dozens of national parks, and I have hiked hundreds of miles.


I have traveled 39,000 miles, the equivalent of one and half times around the world. I have driven 24,000 miles, the equivalent of around the world.


In my  trip to Colorado, my vacation, and back. I drove 10,000 miles. Spent 186 hours in the car. Spent 1,200 hundred dollars on 330 gallons of gasoline. I recorded 40 hours of my cross trip journey (to be posted later).


I have lived in the fast paced, high strung city of Washington DC, a small, laid back mountain town, and in a secluded small town on and Indian reservation. I have worked with people from all races and creeds.


I have seen America. I experienced much of what it has to offer, and I am blessed for the experience.


But what is left now?


Over the next year I will be busy with the residency and then who knows what. I will be substantially less interesting, but I may keep the blog. A way to reach out to everyone – to express my good times and bad. Though it may become much more pharmacy oriented than it is now. As for now there will still be a few more posts.

  1. Pictures from my vacation
  2. My cross country time lapse video
  3. Graduation

Until then, thank you for reading about all of my adventures and experiences. I am glad that many of you suffered through my poor grammar and spelling to hear how I am doing.