From DC –Americas Capital to ALBANY- The All American City

15 08 2010

It’s true – 2 time national champions of the all American city.


Rotation 1 is done, and it is time to move on to number 2. DC was awesome, though. It was such a great experience. I actually learned quite a bit. I lived through the most ridiculous thunderstorm I have ever been in, a power outage the affected most of the metro, and the ungodly driving of the area. I was able to see George Thorogood,  National Monuments, Museums, saw the fantastic night life, the White House, the National Independance day celebration, and ate at some great places. I met with friends I haven’t seen in years, some I had seen recently, and made many new friends. I saw family from across the country, family from around the world, and family from next door. In 6 weeks, I drove through Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, DC, New Jersey, and Delaware, and visited Florida and Michigan.


Life was Busy


Ironic because I was stopped for 10 min looking at this sign


100_3302 100_3307 100_3326 Every time I take a picture of a Pennsylvania sign it doesn’t focus. I don’t know why.






GW Bridge


I got into Albany yesterday. I was making awesome time until I hit NYC. I’ve taken the route before and have never had a problem but this time there was a 1.5 hour wait to get over the George Washington Bridge. Errr. When I got in, I met up with Sad, Ky, and John and we had our “Man-date”.. That’s right. I had an Elk burger at Fuddruckers. In case you are wondering, it tastes just like beef. Then we went to see the Expendables, and yes, you should go see it.


That brings me to now. I would like to play off Albany with a few tributes.


They Might Be Giants Tributes to Albany’s Egg


The best ever – Let’s Have a Party Albany

My favorite part is at the end, when they said you could buy the Record at any Burger King for 2 dollars


Just another week

7 08 2010

This week has been crazy, just doing a lot of things.

At my site, I am with two other rotations students. It has been pretty cool. We all get along very well. Typically we all go to lunch together, hang out around the site, and we even went out to the bars last week. Doesn’t get much better then that.

So, the students from all the Kaiser Permanente sites got together with the residents to do a journal club. We just sat around and discussed the LEAD-5 article, comparing Liraglutide to Lantus and placebo. There was at least 20 students there. It was crazy. On top of that, there were 2 other ACPHS students, but the were accelerated (another program) so I didn’t know them). The funny thing was, there were 3 ACPHS guys there. All of us were wearing blue shirts, and a very similar blue tie. No one else wore blue. I wasn’t the only one that noticed wither. haha.

One girl decided to stop us in the middle of our discussion to tell us a story… Interesting…

Most people didn’t prepare much, rather they copied and pasted the article.

I did meet Doris, the lady in charge of all the students… and resident. In talking with her, I got some good information. I think I may have a good chance at a residency with them, so that is good news.


So anyways that later that day, I met up with an old friend from high school that happens to live in the area. It made me realize something, I am actually old enough now to do that. In other words, it has been a LONG time since high school. In fact, it will be a decade this September since I started as a freshman over at Penfield high school. Damn I’m old.

Then last night, I packed up and made my way out here to Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am sitting in the room of a retirement community, like the ones that I deliver prescriptions to when I am back home. Apparently, you can rent out rooms like a hotel. But this isn’t like a hotel, it’s nicer. However, the drawback is, the average age here is probable 75. Just an interesting experience. Flight wasn’t bad, fairly normal, minus my dad insisting that he won’t wear his shoes. It is some sort of civil disobedience to the fact we have to take our shoes off at security. I don’t get it, but I won’t complain, it would make me to angry.


Well, I hope to have a good weekend, visit with my family, celebrate my grandpa’s 80th, and enjoy being away from DC for a few days.

D.C. Sleeps Alone Tonight

19 07 2010

I am a visitor here.


Keith (my brother) and I decided to head into the city last weekend, just like when we were younger. There is something so liberating about being back there. It brings back so many memories.It is a sense of nostalgia and a taste of freedom.

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Hot, Hot, Heat

5 07 2010

Just a little screen shot from my phone of how hot it has been, and how hot it will continue to be. 100’s every day.