My Top 5 Favorite Drugs

28 06 2010

Ok. So I love drugs, and I know I am a geek. So I sat down and decided to come up with the coolest drugs I have come across.        

5) Statins        

What they are?        

Did you know that Lipitor is the top grossing drug of all time? Or that Simvastatin was the 2nd most prescribe drug of the last year? If you haven’t heard of the statins you must be living under a rock.       

Why they’re cool.         

To me, statins have one of the coolest mechanisms of actions. They block the rate limiting step of cholesterol synthesis, HMG CoA Reductase. But that’s not all. The liver detects the lower levels of cholesterol and in turn it up regulates receptors to grab on to the cholesterol in the blood stream and use it to make bile acids.