A perfect fifth…

17 03 2011

The way to a man’s heart it through the stomach. That is what they say at least.


Dinners was a thing of ours. There was something about getting everyone together with food that just let us relax, get out of the hectic life of school, and just be happy.


We had a tradition of “End of the year” dinners. Typically, through the magic of Facebook, we would set up events and argue about when to do it and where to go. Every time it seemed like no one would show up and somehow there would be 15 people that decided to come.


We ate the Olive Garden, Some noodle place, Red Robin, Cheesecake Factory, an indian restaurant, Fuddruckers, The Melting Pot, CiCi’s Pizza. Ok we at a lot.


But the best times where when we cooked. I personal favorite of Sad’s and mine would be the cheapest hot dogs you can by wrapped up in walmart brand buttery crescents. I can’t tell you how many time we made those.


Then there was the time we made shepherds pie. It was delicious. Or the time we made burgers on a tiny grill and got in trouble because of it. Or the time we made a cake and no one ate it so we built a tiny tunnel through it. Then there was the indian dinner.


Looking back so many of the best times revolved around us eating. So much it seems like that is all we did. Oh well.


I wish this was a better post and there was a way I can brig back so many great memories. In the end, it isn’t the food that I am missing, it was all the big get together we had. Being away for this long ad writing this up really makes me miss my friends.


Six geese a layin… I miss SSP

17 03 2011


SeeSidePanel’s last show.


It was a culmination of one of the best experiences of my life.


We first started the band back in first year. Lisa, Dave, and I were playing for the mass held every Sunday. We would go early and practice, stay lay and practice. It was good times.


One sunday I started playing a bass line. Just a simple diatonic melody that worked its way from D to A. Dave liked it and came up with a great chord progression on top. The next thing you know Lisa came up with a fantastic melody and it was born. Eureka!


It was catchy, poppy, upbeat, and just fun to play. Turns out the resident director Mike Sass loved it and we played it every Sunday after that. Well things got rolling we asked Jo to come in and be a second guitarist and SeeSidePanel was born.


We were all set ready to rock people’s socks off. Except, we didn’t have a drummer. The Gateway M275 was to the rescue. I had experience programing drums, so using some nifty software I put together beats and we had a whole “band” put together. We did it with the help of our great friend and “mom” Josh who was always there supporting us, mixing our music, and just being a great guy.


Then we wrote our heavy song Redolant and our slow jam The Melted Hourglass and our hard rock Journey (to the center of the sun). We spent many hours playing endlessly in the South Hall Auditorium. It was awesome. Looking back at it I get nostalgic. I can almost feel what it was like being there again.


We played Battle of the Bands and Springfest, Relay for Life and more shows. But we wouldn’t be complete until we added kiki, the real drummer. She gave the band a whole new life and we wrote some awesome songs with her. Played great shows and just had the best time. We became great friends and could just mess around. When we wrote music together it would just all fall in to place – we had a way about us. And when we weren’t writing we could just sit back and have that same cohesive relationship.


I miss playing with SeeSidePanel. I miss hanging out with them. I miss our music. Almost every road trip I listen to some of our songs. I still Put on head phones blast the songs and play along. Just like I was in front of the crowd. SeeSidePanel will always be the music I loved to play the most.


We had our fights, or moments of tension but in the end the band helped us get through the tensions of pharmacy school.


This post is dedicated you you guys. “I don’t know why, But I’m never going to be the same” – “I don’t know what to say, You have to be here”

Jo Carreno – The Count

Lisa Murphy – Toucan Same

Dave Denio – Captain Crunch

Kiki V (I’m going to mess up your name otherwise) – Kix

Josh Szymanik – Mom


15 03 2011

The white coat.


We entered the gym as we had always been. Then we were sitting there, in the insufferably hot gym. Friends and family watching intently. We sat. We listened to Mr. Anderson speak. We walked up. We were pinned. We sat back down. Nothing was any different, except we had a pin attached to our coats.


For some reason I though things would be different.


Looking back on it all the ceremony couldn’t change us into professional, empathetic, and quality practitioners. It was the symbolic beginning of our journey into becoming the people we would become.


Since I have gotten my white coat. I have worn it labs. I have worn it on rotation. I have worn it to work. I know people who have worn it while playing a show. I plan on wearing it to Conan O’brien. I have had three lab coats since I started my third year. I will have many more I am sure.


Funny thing is I never where my white coat anymore. It sits on the back of my chair at work, just in case. Putting a coat on – getting your little pin – wearing your professional name badge isn’t going to change who you are or how good you are at what you do. The only way to get there is through hard work and dedication.

8–It becomes Two Zeros.

14 03 2011

I figure when reflecting on pharmacy school I should probably dedicate a post to what I have learned. I am going to do this as a word association. First things that comes to my head from each class over the years.

First Year

  1. Chemistry: More about illicit drugs then I thought I would learn. Chemical properties of THC, how to make free base cocaine and its relationships to PKa.
  2. Biology: I have been mispronouncing sponge all these years – The Thursday Dance – Dr. Moon can kick anyone’s butt and he’ll do it with karate and his “phaser” – it is really hard to memorize all the bones in the body
  3. Math Concepts: Arf Arpha means half alpha – Dr. Chang really cared about students – How to calculate your Z-score on a test
  4. Humanities 1: Hagia Sophia – there are such things as wrong opinions – Mr. Anderson is crazy in the best way possible
  5. Humanities 2: Self-Paced = awesome – that’s about all I learned
  6. Principles of Communication: Dr. K will take over a classmates computer screen and most of the time they’ll be playing SNES – The importance of making things look awesome
  7. Elective: What it meant to become human

Second Year

  1. Microbiology: I retain more from studying the memorizing – Apparently you need permission to prescribe vanco (turns out to be wrong) – Nystatin got its name because it was developed in NY state
  2. Organic Chemistry: Chair configurations aren’t comfortable – SN1 SN2 E1 E2 always seemed to be an answer – No matter how ridiculous you think a question might be, it will be asked.
  3. Humanities 3: Self-paced still rocked
  4. Foundation of Pharmacy: The importance of empathy – making a video and using sentimental music will make a teacher cry
  5. Economics of Healthcare: Working in groups on homework is a lot of fun, but it doesn’t mean you get the answers all right – Supple and Demand, Elasticity, and scarcity can describe everything going on.
  6. Elective 1: Hitler and his Empire
  7. Elective 2: ESC is the best place to do online electives
  8. Psychology: Again, that there are such things and wrong opinions

Third Year

  1. Pathophysiology: That people with Parkinson’s do not shake when they are using their hands – how to make yourself pass out using the stretch and chemo receptors in your neck – the importance of cartoon diagrams to answer everything about physiology
  2. Pharmaceutics: Ice Scream = Ice Cream
  3. Immunology: The body’s immune system has more letters thrown in it then I can handle – so much about drugs with out realizing you are learning about drugs
  4. Biochemistry: Dr. Voigt is the funniest man alive – He also reminds me of Mr.T – Carbohydrate metabolism is pretty complicated
  5. Molecular Biology: You can never guess what Dearborn is going to ask – everything is regulated multiple times over

Forth Year

  1. Pharmacotherapy 1: Benadryl is first line therapy for cough in the common cold
  2. Pharmacotherapy 2: If you spend all your time learning about diabetes drugs, all the questions will be on insulin. – Rate control is better then Rhythm control
  3. Medchem: Dr. Voigt is still the funnies many alive. – At first Beta-blockers are always the answer but then it is benzodiazepines.
  4. Pharmacokinetics: Real pharmacokinetics is a lot harder then clinical pharmacokinetics
  5. Seminar: Use of testosterone in post-menopausal women with low libido
  6. Drug Info: How to google something

Fifth Year

  1. Pharmacotherapy 3: SSRI’s treat every neurological condition even though they are barely better then placebo
  2. Pharmacotherapy 4: Penis pumps are first line therapy for patients with Erectile Dysfunction
  3. Pharmacy Administration: How to fire someone – Choice Pharmacy
  4. Jurisprudence: Benzo’s are schedule IV under federal law and under NY state law, but they are treated as II in NY State. Testosterone on the other hand is a schedule III under federal law but is rescheduled and treated as a II under new york state law, with the exception of getting a 6 month supply.
  5. Seminar 2: Dronedarone seems to be the best thing since….. Amiodarone for rhythm control
  6. Pharmacoeconomics: Bueller… Bueller…
  7. Healthcare and Human Values: Mr. Anderson is still crazy in the best way possible – How sad ALS is – Frankenstein is nothing like you think it is.


Of course over the years I have learned much more. In fact, I can’t believe how much I have learned. I just randomly spit out pieces of knowledge that have just stuck.


10 03 2011



No. Not the iPod, iMac, iPad, iPhone kind of Apple. The Red Delicious, Gala, Empire, Fuji, Granny Smith and some 7,500 other varies.

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Ten: Pearl Jam Couldn’t Even (flow) Come Close.

9 03 2011

For those that don’t know, today begins a countdown for my last 10 days. In a sort of homage to the impending closure of my education I felt it appropriate to look back at my last 6 years and reflect on some experiences that have shaped who I am.

Naturally, the list is not all inclusive and it isn’t in any particular order or relevance. I like to think of this as the clichéd flash of your life before you pass on, which is a somewhat ominous yet appropriate analogy.

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Arches – again

6 03 2011

Sorry. I don’t have really anything write. Things have been incredibly boring over the last few weeks.


Just uploading 2 things pictures I took from my adventure to Arches National Park with my roommate and a video of the drive up.


The video is another one in the series of timelapse’s I have taken. I am getting ready to put together and time lapse of the whole trip back across country – we’ll see how it all works out.

Archest Part Deux