Day one has come and gone

25 03 2011

“Hum along, sing these words out loud
The saddest little song you’ve ever hear”


“I can’t ever really believe”
“Can’t tell if this is true or dream”
“I’m so shocked I made it through these billion days” “falling slowly like a dream”

“Do you remember why you did it”
“Sometimes, I wonder how it would all be
If only one thing happened differently”

“Trying hard not to smile, though I feel bad”
When your at the end of the road”
“Please stay, don’t go away, The hardest thing is letting go”

“Is this the comfort of being afraid”
“reminds me this seems absurd to stay”
“I wanna live, I wanna leave I wanna open up and breathe” 
“day one has come and gone away”



“And just remember who wrote that song, me baby, me”




One response

25 03 2011

Bonus points to those who can figure out which lyrics are from which songs

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