4 Score and…

22 03 2011

A little delayed… I wrote it but forgot to post it. Sorry.

As I am counting down this last week I am looking back on my rotations and all the places that I visited. I won’t get into too much, because I plan on writing a summary when I get home.

I guess mostly I am looking back to the last several months when I was in Arizona. By far, it was the best rotation. I really miss being out there. I didn’t think I would ever say that.

The reservation at first was quite lonely. I guess it was really the first time I had really been on my own. School doesn’t count because you are surrounded by friends. I remember when I flew into ABQ and just being amazed by the scenery. When I finally made it to my house it was unbelievably dark lit only by the moon and a few randomly places street lamps. The ground was cracked dry mud, absent of any signs of life. In my front yard were distorted shapes of dead leafless trees that looked like they were straight from a Tim Burton movie. I didn’t sleep well that night.

A short time later there was a remarkable change in the scenery. What was a barren, dark area became full of life. Hughes of red, orange, and brown meshed went on for miles. Distant mesas were purple in the early morning contrasted by the grey and dark green mountains in the distance.

I was amazed.

Each weekend was something new and different, from the busy art community of Santa Fe to the serene experience of Canyon De Chelley’s Spider Rock.

It was an liberating experience, traveling across the American southwest, living free, and getting away from technology and the business of urban centers.

Although I missed being with my friends in Albany and family back at home – I am glad I got a chance to explore the country. It will be one of the defining movements of my life.

On a related note – I am also going to post pictures of my last couple of weekends. Two weekends ago I was able to go to one of my favorite places ever, Great Sand Dunes National Park. Imagine looking out and all you see is sand. The dunes are as high as 700 feet above you. Of course you have to walk to the top. When you finally get there, the dunes continue on for miles and miles, as far as you can see.

Quite amazing.

Last weekend I went to Canyonlands National Park. Another incredible place. Everywhere you look there are grand landscapes. I took a ton of pictures mostly pictures anywhere from 10-20 to merge them into one picture.

I will post the pictures when I get back.




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