3’s Company

22 03 2011

First, the pictures as promissed

Canyonlands and Sand Dunes
From Canyonlands and Sand Dunes


Alright – on to todays post.


I want to keep it short and too the point. Road trips. We took a fare share of them over the past few years. Just share a few moments from each one.


The first one was up to Montreal with Sad, Em, and Jeefer.

  • Probably the most crazy part was driving through a blizzard in Jeff’s “88” Taurus
  • Canadian Tire Hockey
  • An entire burger left in the back seat.
  • Throwing Socks


The next trip was to DC with Kyle, Em, John, and Sad

  • Someone singing in the shower
  • Someone getting slapped in the face
  • Asleep, while everyone thinks you are still awake
  • Happy Face, Happy Face, Happy Face, Sad Face
  • Chocolate town
  • Sonic


There was the trip to Boston with Sad, Em, and Wahid

  • Eating the biggest burger I have ever seen and getting a certificate for it
  • Harry Potter Museum – before I liked Harry Potter
  • Crazy street market


Then we had several little road trips- like driving  nearly an hour just to eat at a dairy queen. Or the trips to NYC.


Good times were had by all. These are the times in school that I wish could last forever.


Only 2 more days left.




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