Six geese a layin… I miss SSP

17 03 2011


SeeSidePanel’s last show.


It was a culmination of one of the best experiences of my life.


We first started the band back in first year. Lisa, Dave, and I were playing for the mass held every Sunday. We would go early and practice, stay lay and practice. It was good times.


One sunday I started playing a bass line. Just a simple diatonic melody that worked its way from D to A. Dave liked it and came up with a great chord progression on top. The next thing you know Lisa came up with a fantastic melody and it was born. Eureka!


It was catchy, poppy, upbeat, and just fun to play. Turns out the resident director Mike Sass loved it and we played it every Sunday after that. Well things got rolling we asked Jo to come in and be a second guitarist and SeeSidePanel was born.


We were all set ready to rock people’s socks off. Except, we didn’t have a drummer. The Gateway M275 was to the rescue. I had experience programing drums, so using some nifty software I put together beats and we had a whole “band” put together. We did it with the help of our great friend and “mom” Josh who was always there supporting us, mixing our music, and just being a great guy.


Then we wrote our heavy song Redolant and our slow jam The Melted Hourglass and our hard rock Journey (to the center of the sun). We spent many hours playing endlessly in the South Hall Auditorium. It was awesome. Looking back at it I get nostalgic. I can almost feel what it was like being there again.


We played Battle of the Bands and Springfest, Relay for Life and more shows. But we wouldn’t be complete until we added kiki, the real drummer. She gave the band a whole new life and we wrote some awesome songs with her. Played great shows and just had the best time. We became great friends and could just mess around. When we wrote music together it would just all fall in to place – we had a way about us. And when we weren’t writing we could just sit back and have that same cohesive relationship.


I miss playing with SeeSidePanel. I miss hanging out with them. I miss our music. Almost every road trip I listen to some of our songs. I still Put on head phones blast the songs and play along. Just like I was in front of the crowd. SeeSidePanel will always be the music I loved to play the most.


We had our fights, or moments of tension but in the end the band helped us get through the tensions of pharmacy school.


This post is dedicated you you guys. “I don’t know why, But I’m never going to be the same” – “I don’t know what to say, You have to be here”

Jo Carreno – The Count

Lisa Murphy – Toucan Same

Dave Denio – Captain Crunch

Kiki V (I’m going to mess up your name otherwise) – Kix

Josh Szymanik – Mom



4 responses

17 03 2011

I still listen to some of the songs too!!! Haha. Too bad you all had to go and start moving separate ways. Just when the ball could have really started rolling. Was lots of fun playing with you all. I’m always down for a reunion show!

17 03 2011
Lisa Murphy

I miss you guys too! I get nostalgic too. Now the songs come on my iPod and I listen and go…”Wow! We were really good!” Seriously, I hear hit songs! lol!
Honestly since then my musical taste has changed a lot. Has yours? I think we would sound different if we were writing songs now because of new influences. It would still be awesome nonetheless!

You guys are always welcome to stay with me in Nashville if you ever visit this crazy town. Brian had the best time when he was here! A band reunion is much needed! Let me know if you guys want to get together! I fly into Albany all the time for holidays and random weekends.

17 03 2011

I think if we got together things would fall in place like we were never apart. I think we would freakin rock it.

I agree with lisa. Nashville it is

22 03 2011

I have to say that I do miss hanging out at south hall, trying to study 🙂

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