15 03 2011

The white coat.


We entered the gym as we had always been. Then we were sitting there, in the insufferably hot gym. Friends and family watching intently. We sat. We listened to Mr. Anderson speak. We walked up. We were pinned. We sat back down. Nothing was any different, except we had a pin attached to our coats.


For some reason I though things would be different.


Looking back on it all the ceremony couldn’t change us into professional, empathetic, and quality practitioners. It was the symbolic beginning of our journey into becoming the people we would become.


Since I have gotten my white coat. I have worn it labs. I have worn it on rotation. I have worn it to work. I know people who have worn it while playing a show. I plan on wearing it to Conan O’brien. I have had three lab coats since I started my third year. I will have many more I am sure.


Funny thing is I never where my white coat anymore. It sits on the back of my chair at work, just in case. Putting a coat on – getting your little pin – wearing your professional name badge isn’t going to change who you are or how good you are at what you do. The only way to get there is through hard work and dedication.



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