8–It becomes Two Zeros.

14 03 2011

I figure when reflecting on pharmacy school I should probably dedicate a post to what I have learned. I am going to do this as a word association. First things that comes to my head from each class over the years.

First Year

  1. Chemistry: More about illicit drugs then I thought I would learn. Chemical properties of THC, how to make free base cocaine and its relationships to PKa.
  2. Biology: I have been mispronouncing sponge all these years – The Thursday Dance – Dr. Moon can kick anyone’s butt and he’ll do it with karate and his “phaser” – it is really hard to memorize all the bones in the body
  3. Math Concepts: Arf Arpha means half alpha – Dr. Chang really cared about students – How to calculate your Z-score on a test
  4. Humanities 1: Hagia Sophia – there are such things as wrong opinions – Mr. Anderson is crazy in the best way possible
  5. Humanities 2: Self-Paced = awesome – that’s about all I learned
  6. Principles of Communication: Dr. K will take over a classmates computer screen and most of the time they’ll be playing SNES – The importance of making things look awesome
  7. Elective: What it meant to become human

Second Year

  1. Microbiology: I retain more from studying the memorizing – Apparently you need permission to prescribe vanco (turns out to be wrong) – Nystatin got its name because it was developed in NY state
  2. Organic Chemistry: Chair configurations aren’t comfortable – SN1 SN2 E1 E2 always seemed to be an answer – No matter how ridiculous you think a question might be, it will be asked.
  3. Humanities 3: Self-paced still rocked
  4. Foundation of Pharmacy: The importance of empathy – making a video and using sentimental music will make a teacher cry
  5. Economics of Healthcare: Working in groups on homework is a lot of fun, but it doesn’t mean you get the answers all right – Supple and Demand, Elasticity, and scarcity can describe everything going on.
  6. Elective 1: Hitler and his Empire
  7. Elective 2: ESC is the best place to do online electives
  8. Psychology: Again, that there are such things and wrong opinions

Third Year

  1. Pathophysiology: That people with Parkinson’s do not shake when they are using their hands – how to make yourself pass out using the stretch and chemo receptors in your neck – the importance of cartoon diagrams to answer everything about physiology
  2. Pharmaceutics: Ice Scream = Ice Cream
  3. Immunology: The body’s immune system has more letters thrown in it then I can handle – so much about drugs with out realizing you are learning about drugs
  4. Biochemistry: Dr. Voigt is the funniest man alive – He also reminds me of Mr.T – Carbohydrate metabolism is pretty complicated
  5. Molecular Biology: You can never guess what Dearborn is going to ask – everything is regulated multiple times over

Forth Year

  1. Pharmacotherapy 1: Benadryl is first line therapy for cough in the common cold
  2. Pharmacotherapy 2: If you spend all your time learning about diabetes drugs, all the questions will be on insulin. – Rate control is better then Rhythm control
  3. Medchem: Dr. Voigt is still the funnies many alive. – At first Beta-blockers are always the answer but then it is benzodiazepines.
  4. Pharmacokinetics: Real pharmacokinetics is a lot harder then clinical pharmacokinetics
  5. Seminar: Use of testosterone in post-menopausal women with low libido
  6. Drug Info: How to google something

Fifth Year

  1. Pharmacotherapy 3: SSRI’s treat every neurological condition even though they are barely better then placebo
  2. Pharmacotherapy 4: Penis pumps are first line therapy for patients with Erectile Dysfunction
  3. Pharmacy Administration: How to fire someone – Choice Pharmacy
  4. Jurisprudence: Benzo’s are schedule IV under federal law and under NY state law, but they are treated as II in NY State. Testosterone on the other hand is a schedule III under federal law but is rescheduled and treated as a II under new york state law, with the exception of getting a 6 month supply.
  5. Seminar 2: Dronedarone seems to be the best thing since….. Amiodarone for rhythm control
  6. Pharmacoeconomics: Bueller… Bueller…
  7. Healthcare and Human Values: Mr. Anderson is still crazy in the best way possible – How sad ALS is – Frankenstein is nothing like you think it is.


Of course over the years I have learned much more. In fact, I can’t believe how much I have learned. I just randomly spit out pieces of knowledge that have just stuck.



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