Day 1: To Charleston, WV

29 12 2010

Yesterday was as un eventful as drives get, and I can’t ask fro much more then that.


I picked up Katelyn yesterday at 9:15, so I was late as usual. Pack up the care, which ended up having a bit more than I expected. Of course, I also bought candy, chips, pretzels, water, juice, Granola and Chewy bars, and a summer sausage (mmmm summer sausage).


In any case, we got on the road around 10.


We made are way through buffalo, then to Erie, PA. Stopped in Ohio for some food. I ate McDonalds and was tempted to buy the new 50 piece mcnuggets. (yep 50 piece). Katelyn has subway for the sake of being healthy. We each bought a dollar scratch of, and I won a dollar. I played again and nothing, oh well. It was off through Cleveland, OH.


We played several road games. The one where you have to find a word outside the car that begins with the letter A, then B, and so on. It took forever. Then it was the band game. Name a band, then take the third letter and you have to name a band that begins with that letter. E.G. Moneen, Next band begins with N, Nicklecreek Next band goes with c, and so on. Then, because we are so cool, we played the same game but with drug names. Somehow, we did that for about 1.5 hours without stopping.


A couple more rest stops, passed Akron, OH – then into WV. We made it into Charleston, about 7 pm. We drove to Fairfield Inn because they had a “managers” special on google maps. It was still 90.00 dollars. So we sat in the car, used their free public wifi to go to Got a great place for super cheap. This place is beautiful. We got up on the 10th floor with a riverside room. Nice.


We went to dinner at some local seafood place, the food was incredible.


Came back and slept.


For today we are off to St. Louis.



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