Here we go again…

28 12 2010

I haven’t updated in awhile, but that is the way things go.


I went to Michigan recently to attend to some family issues. Overall, while there were some sad notes to the trip, it was good to see my family again.


Then, it was Christmas, and you know how that is. Busy.


I wanted to say I have had some days off, but I have been scrambling to get all the paper work done for residencies. The combination of events has left me very, very busy.


But here we are now. It is Tuesday, December 28th. I am sure some close friends and family know what that means but for those that do not.


I leave home today.


Obviously, not for god. It is another rotation. This time, however, it is in Glenwood Springs and it is for 12 weeks. A cozy mountain resort town just north of Aspen, CO. To get there I must drive 2,000 miles over the next several days.This is my route.


I am excited, nervous, sad, scared, and all around mixed about the lengthy journey ahead of me. I will have my lovely lady escorting me out to Denver, thank you to my peanut.


It isn’t just the drive that worries me, in fact I am most excited about that. It isn’t working in a new place either that gets me (been there, done that).


It isn’t so much that I will be gone for 12 weeks with out being with some one I know, Skype and cell phones make that easy.


It’s the fact that I am away from home for so long and what that means. This reoccurring thought, that yes indeed it is time to grow up. I feel, in a sense, that I will always be that kid at heart, that giggles like a 5 year old when he goes to Disney World. When I say grow up though, I mean it is time to face the facts that I have to be responsible for myself away from the cozy support of the home I have lived in for the past decade.


So, after my rants and ramblings I am left to say:


Keep in touch, keep reading, and I’ll keep posting. If anything I have this.



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28 12 2010

yo brian dont grow up too much

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