Mid Year 2010

9 12 2010

Up until this week, things have been pretty boring. That is to say – I am really enjoying my community rotation at Wegman’s, but other then that I have not been very active.

That all changed last Saturday.

I left early Saturday to embark to the far west end of the country. I flew into Charlotte; had an awesome BBQ lunch (Carolina Style). Then a 4.5 hour flight into Phoenix. I was so excited about that flight. The first 3.5 hours was cramped, stuffy, and uncomfortable, but as the last hour started I began to peer out the window intently. The plane was immersed in a thick bright white cloud cover. Every few minutes or so there would be a break and I could see vast scape of southern New Mexico and Arizona. It was truly a beautiful sight. I can tell I miss the southwest.

But I digress.

After a few hours in Phoenix, I boarded the plane to Orange County Airport. The entire ride you could feel an auspicious pharmacy presence aboard the plane. People left and right were discussing rotations, formularies, and future plans. It was home, everyone felt comfort with their pharmacy brethren.

After making the cross country trek, and checking of a couple more states on the list, I settled into a cheap but comfortable motel to prepare for the onslaught of activities the next day.

From 138Z1012

Registration went smooth – got the things I needed. I met up with some close friends whom I have not seen in awhile.


After that I ran straight to the PPS sections of Mid-year. This is the area for people who registered to schedule interviews with potential residency programs. Pretty standard. There were just rows of booths in which various institution hung banners or set up displays. AKA a giant career fair with private interviewing booths.

I will not drag on about the interviews or what I thought about each place – I feel like most people would not be very interested in more ramblings – then again you are here.

Later on (Monday and Tuesday), I went to the residency showcase, which for a lack of better words and in attempt to stay professional, was crazy. Talk about a career fair- just hoards of prospective residents running from booth to booth in attempts to gather information.

The most awe inspiring section would have been the exhibit halls. I can honestly say Disneyland for pharmacists (which is coincidently appropriate considering I am next to Disneyland). Giant, person dwarfing booths scattered densely through out the giant room. Drug reps jumping out from every little corner to assault you with their latest clinical data – oh and lots of free text books (YAY!)

I did manage to pick up many articles, data, and reviews on some new, exciting (or not so) medications.

Of course much of the meeting was spent interviewing with places and finalizing plans for applications to residencies. I did, however, get a chance to go to a diabetes talk on basal/bolus versus sliding scale insulin, which was actually very good. I also got a chance to go to dinner with many friends- hang out at Downtown Disney and just have a good time.


Today, if I ever get moving, and maybe tomorrow as well will be time well spent in Disneyland. Of course, I will update you on that soon.



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10 12 2010

What a great week, huh?

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