Journey (to the center of a town with a really hot sun)

13 10 2010

Let’s see who understands that title.

Tuscon, Petrified forest, painted deseert and meteor crater


Ok, so I wasn’t even close to Mexico, but closer then I had ever been before. I was lucky enough to be able to spend sometime with my old friend Jon Davis.

Friday started of crazy enough. I had to go to a small satellite pharmacy in Pinon. This town makes Chinle look like it is a metropolis. But it was a great little town, minus trying to get in and out of it. I had to take a detour that involved me to drive through areas not meant for cars. When I finally got to the clinic it was very small. It gave me a great opportunity to do some good work and practice my clinical skills. Then I tried to leave Pinon and I drove down a 30 mile dirty road, and I mean dirt road.


I got into Tucson at about 10 pm or so. Not to bad. Of course the craziness began when I lost my keys, tore apart a house, spent 100 dollars for a locksmith only to find the keys had got stuck in a hole of my suitcase. To be fair both Jon and I moved it, through it. searched it , and destroyed it. Oh well.

Saturday was spent relaxing, getting guitar strings and just enjoying the day.

Sunday we hiked into Sabino Canyon. That was pretty Awesome!! We were surrounded by saguaro cactuses.

onday I had to make the trek back to Chinle. I stopped by Meteor Crater, Petrified Forest National Park, and the Painted Desert.


Today, I hiked in and out of Canyon de Chelly a couple of times, trying to get some good exercise.


Hopefully sometime this week I will up date everyone on what I am doing at my rotation. Here are some pics of my Journey.

From Tuscon, Petrified forest, painted deseert and meteor crater



3 responses

15 10 2010

like the title

16 10 2010

Hahahaha thanks.

I was hoping somebody would get it.

23 05 2011

At last! Someone who udnsertadns! Thanks for posting!

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