Chinle or bust

27 09 2010

So I finally have a chance to sit down and talk with everyone about what’s been going on in the wonderful state of Arizona.

I can’t believe what has happened so far. Let’s start from the beginning.


Last Saturday, after a sleepless night, I got out of bed at 5:15 AM. Not to bad. I got through security no problem and made my way down to Atlanta. From Atlanta I flew to Albuquerque without many problems. The flight into NM is awe inspiring! For about 15 mins all you can see is this large barren landscape. But as you approach Albuquerque, dark black mountains jut from the earth out of nowhere.


We get in and I get my Mazda 5. At this point it is about 1:00 PM New Mexico Time (3:00 or so back in roc/alb).

Arizona is in the Mountain time zone. Making it 2 hours behind New York. If you ever look at your time zone settings you will see Arizona has it’s own setting. That is because they don’t have Daylight Savings Time. So right now Arizona is 3 hours behind, at least until the time changes and it is back to 2 hours behind. That’s all fine and dandy. Except, the Navajo Nation does practice DST so it is indeed 2 hours behind. Confused yet? Yeah, it took me all day Sunday to get that all straightened out. Probably because my phone, GPS, and computer where all giving me different times and time zones. In fact my phone still says I am in the central time zone, but it seems to be working so I am not going to complain.

So I began the arduous journey into Arizona. The drive in New Mexico is BEAUTIFUL. See pics below. Driving down interstate 40 makes you feel like you really can see the end of the world. The land stretches for miles and way out in the distance you can see deep red oranges mesas and that barely crest at the horizon. As you drive closer (for dozens of miles) the tiny little geographic features turn into 100 foot steep cliffs. All this changes when you hit Arizona. It becomes a lifeless dull scene. It stays like that for nearly 2 hours, until you start rolling into Chinle and the great scenery begins again.


I got the keys to my place and made my way to my house. The place turned out pretty nice, nothing really to complain about. Well, there is one thing I have learned since being out here, it’s that water here smells like poop. Literally. Well, to be more exact it reeks of sulfur. I have resorted to cooking with distilled water. Oh well. Below is video tour of the place.



Second thing I have learned since being here. Animals roam. Everywhere. No joke, I was driving down the road and a cow was walking on the side walk. Really.

Sunday, I went shopping at the local grocery store. It is very similar to the Price Chopper on Delaware; small, but not at all inadequate. I was quite surprised at the amount of groceries they had. Apparently they do not use boneless chicken though.

Third, thing I have learned. Internet is very hard to find. In fact, as we speak I am sitting in the burger king one of only a few places with wifi. Plus, if you are lucky to find a wifi point, you can’t guarantee it will work. I find it very liberating, to be away from the constant stimulation of radio, TV, and the web. At first I was very antsy thinking, that I hadn’t checked my e-mail in nearly 16 hours. Wireless internet had ruined me.

I have already rambled on for ages so I will keep that last part short.

My rotation is interesting thus far. I spent the day counseling several Navajo people on their meds. I have also learned quite a deal about their culture in terms of medicine. But that is a whole other story. The most exciting thing today, a code blue that took place right outside the pharmacy. The other student and I ran out to observe (we are supposed to do that) and it was just incredible at the response. Unfortunately, I don’t think the person made it. I hope this won’t happen to often.



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29 09 2010

your house is nice!! Keep it clean…it IS the property of the gubment.

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