Lesson Learned 3: After the Nuclear Apocalypse…

11 09 2010

There will be only 2 things that will remain.

1) Twinkies


2) Cockroaches.



Warning clip uses some foul language….

We have all seen the post-apocalyptic movies (Zombieland) and they have shown Twinkies can come in handy when you are hungry. But cockroaches…. Who needs those?

Turns out they just might save your life.


Ok, so not in world have 1,000’s or nuclear bombs go off, but maybe in the near future as super infections become more common.


Some smart people thought, “Hey, cockroaches live in some pretty nasty places. I wonder how they keep infections at bay?” So they took a bunch of thee bugs ground up different parts of their bodies and let it loose on some Petri dishes.


You know what happened?


The cockroaches brains killed 90% of E.coli strains causing meningitis and MRSA. That’s right, the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana, and the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria, may be the future of antibiotics. Even more promising, in vitro tests showed little toxicity to human kidney cells.


The future of medicine could very well be the bugs that we squish. Think twice next time, that same bug may cure a very serious infection in the future.

Click here for the story.



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