Albany has made me lazy.

30 08 2010

Well, not really. I just haven’t posted anything since getting here. SO I figured I should give everyone some quick updates on where I am and what I’ve done.


I am in Albany, as many of you know, and I am working on an education rotation with Dr. Snitkoff (our professor of Immunology”). I am doing some very awesome things. I have a lecture coming up on sepsis. Pretty cool. I like lecturing (or at least I think I do).


I also am working on IPS workshops. For the non-ACPHS’ers IPS workshops are a once weekly peer led class. They are patient cases, used to illustrated how everything in the curriculum goes together. That is the point at least. So I made a few, including a case on Alzheimer’s and one on breastfeeding. That was fun.


I am begging work on a paper that Hopefully *fingers crossed* will be published on the schools experience with workshops.


Probably the most interesting experiences has been the tons of meetings. They all show how many other things professors do. Currently, the school is going through a self-study. Basically this means that half the professors are in groups writing chapters of a book. The book is supposed to explain the school, the good, the bad, and everything in between. We have to present this to the organization the accredits us, hopefully keeping them happy. It is a crap load of work. I also have been to several retreats that show the interesting interactions between all the members of the factulty and staff here. I have learned about the complete restructuring of the schools administration. Also, found out about the “mandatory” study abroad program President Gozzo wants to start. It’s been nuts.


On the personal front of things. Sadiq came up last week and we, with some other friends, traveled to Ghent. This town is the smallest town we have ever seen and had to drive down dirt roads to get to. All so we could eat at a Dairy Queen. It was worth it. Then, this week he came up again and we all went to the new CiCi’s pizza buffet. It was mediocre pizza but who cares, it was only 5 dollars. It was crazy because when we got there the line was out the door. They couldn’t keep enough food up for everybody. It was nuts.


So in general, that is everything. I promise to make more interesting posts at some point, but I have just been super lazy.


Look forward to when I go to Arizona. I’ll post more then, and it is less then 4 weeks away.



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30 08 2010

Haha I love how CıCıs made ıt onto your blog. You sound busy busy. Hope thıngs are well though. Dont feed sadıq too many deep frıed delıcıous thıngs.

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