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25 07 2010

I love the weekends, because I do nothing. Doing a Monday through Friday work week has made me realize the true meaning of TGIF.

It’s only been three weeks.

One thing I did this weekend was sit on my ass and watch movies all day in the scorching heat. One of those movies, Stephen King’s “Thinner”, was on. I have never seen it, so I thought it was a perfect way to spend almost 2 hours. Pretty standard Stephen King movie, except one thing caught my attention.




It’s Stephen King. Of course not such a big surprise, he always has cameos in his movies. Most importantly, he is a pharmacist. He is a very geeky pharmacist. His task is to make some topical compound for an old Gypsies’ nose sore. I don’t know. Here is another shot of him compounding.



It made me smile to see a pharmacist at work. Of course, like I said, he was geeky, socially awkward, and all around weird. So it got me thinking, what other pharmacist are on TV/ in movies.


Probably, one of the more well known pharmacist (at list in my age group) is good ol’ Mort Goldman of Goldman’s Pharmacy in Family Guy.

MortMort is a about the dorkiest man around. He and is son are creeps, to the nth degree. I don’t really know what else to say about him. From my memory, Mort recommended some acne preparation for Chris when he had an evil pimple.


So far, it isn’t looking good for the pharmacists.


So did you know the Simpson’s uber Christian next door neighbor, Ned Flanders, was a pharmacist. At least he was before he left the pharmaceutical world to open the Leftorium. It’s true. Ned has a Bar-B-Que to announce that he is leaving his former career to movie into a new business. I don’t know if it counts, since he is never seen as a pharmacist. But it continues to re-illustrate the point , of the nerdy, coke bottle glasses wearing pharmacist.



Time for a change of pace. How about the pharmacist in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”?


Oh, crap he almost dispensed homemade capsules with poison in them. Not much better. At least his mistake was caught, by his delivery boy, George Bailey (Those at ACP might recognized this name).


So, if we aren’t geeks, we make major life threatening errors. If there was only someone can save us!!!!!


Oh wait. You know who can?

John Wayne

The Duke himself, John Wayne. In the movie, Old California, John Wayne plays a Boston Pharmacist. He goes to Sacramento during the Gold Rush to make some cash, that is until he framed for murder using poisonous medicine. Don’t worry he clears his good name.

As another interesting tid-bit, John Wayne’s father was a pharmacist.

So yes. Pharmacist can be cool too, just like John Wayne. If only there was something more.


Do you know of any pharmacist in TV or Movies?



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8 08 2010

I found a movie about a pharmacist. I haven’t seen it though…

8 08 2010

You may want the link…


8 08 2010

Found one more… but I think its like a low budget film


8 08 2010

From the Movie the Pharmacist “A hard-working, hen-pecked pharmacist, harried by a shrewish spouse, dysfunctional family, and demanding clientele, maintains his patience and a stoic optimism by imbibing frequent martinis. His termagant wife and self-absorbed daughters show little appreciation of his efforts to keep his precarious business profitable by selling bootleg liquor under the counter despite the suspicions of the local sheriff. ”
HAHAHA. I wnat to see this movie.

The other movie, Don’t Shoot the Pharmacist, has had some movemnet in the last year. Somewhere on facebook you can become a fan of the movie, If someone knows where I can get it, I want it.

Thanks Jess!

9 11 2013
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21 01 2015
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