Because I Promised myself I wouldn’t let this happen.

16 07 2010


So. First. I need to post. Sure, maybe many of you don’t care, but I like to think you do, and that’s why I’m going to do it.


Just want to catch everyone up on what I am doing.


Still at KP in DC. Things have really slowed down here. Like I said earlier, this place is so efficient they don’t need me. The plus is, there is a new student on IPPE (that is the small rotations for those that don’t know). That has helped passed the time. I pretty much talk with him most of the time, teach him some things. Nothing to exciting.


Yesterday, I went with the clinical pharmacist to teach a class for diabetics (or people with diabetes if you prefer the Foundation of Pharmacy terminology). That was interesting, just basically going through all the medicines. I did a little MTM (Medication Therapy Management) and review of their glucose readings. Fun stuff.

I have a presentation tomorrow on implementing the brown bag program I developed. Although, I just found out about the presentation today so who knows how its going to go. The program itself is pretty cool. Patients bring in all of their medicines and the pharmacist goes through all of them to provide recommendations and follow ups. If this is successful, this model will be spread to 20 something local clinics, and eventually nation wide, so **fingers crossed**.


I have already written a few blogs that will come out over the next week so, look forward to more. I know you are. Hopefully Ill do something interesting over the weekend to talk about, but until then please view this very funny video I stumbled Upon.




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