Journey (to the center of the sun)

10 07 2010

I am in a routine.

By 6:30 AM every morning the sun bursts through my window and lands squarely on my face. I toss; I turn, hoping to squeeze another hour of sleep from the day. At 7:30 my phone, buzzes and ‘Mu Empire’ plays a brutal and awakening call. I pull the two bright pink ear plugs out of my head, sit up, and sigh. This is what its like being a working man.

(At this point, you can crack a joke. Yes, I know its only been 4 days.)

Take a shower. Get dressed. Say hello to my dad and the dog.



Now, its off to Kaiser for my rotation. I hop in the car to begin the mindless commute into the heart of our capital. Within 10 minutes I pass the University of Maryland. I continue down US Route 1 through some “not so nice” parts of town, and eventually crossing into Washington, D.C. After 30 minutes, I turn on to New York Avenue; aptly named, as it is the busiest road on my commute. After God knows how long, I make my way to the final stretch and turn on to North Capitol. As long, tedious, and often aggravating the drive, turning on to North Capitol always perks me up. Immediately upon turning on to the road, you get a grand view of the Capitol Building only about 5 blocks away. But alas, I turn into the parking garage and begin my day.

Anyways, the place I works is really cool. Everyone there is incredibly nice and helpful. At peak they have 6 pharmacists on 15 techs and then the three students. They are so efficient at what they do, I often get in the way of their daily activities. I guess that is what happens in a pharmacy that does 1200 prescriptions. So, I just stick in the back getting my projects done and help out when I am needed.

Kaiser is very laid back. I can show up between 9 and 10, I get an hour lunch, and I typically leave between 4 and 5. For lunch I have been walking down the road in towards the Capitol Building.

 **Interesting note. Remember in Home Alone 2 the crazy bird lady, that turns out not to be crazy. Well, there is one of those here in DC, except she really is crazy. Every time you walk past she says the same thing “Can you spare some change?” I would give her some, but I am pretty sure she would just spend it on bird food.***

But anyways,  I have the choice of either eating at Union Station or the CNN broadcasting building. Foods pretty good, can’t complain.

In terms of what I do, this week has been very much on the down low but I did do some interesting things. I made an Omeprazole Sodium Bicarb Suspension which was surprisingly easy. I also made a 60% Salicylic Acid Ointment. It was at that time I was grateful for all the good compounding lessons I got from Mr. Flynn. I only noticed because my ointment came out so smooth. I even weighed my ointment jar before I packed. You would be proud to know that my 60 g ointment weight 58 grams or so (talk about being within 5%). I then assisted the other 2 students with making their ointments.

I also was assigned a few projects and drug information assignments. My main project the past couple of days was to take an inventory of the topicals Kaiser has on formulary, and what is stocked. I took this info and made a pretty little chart, and soon a poster. I’m going to take this info to the dermatology clinic and help the docs choose the right package size. This is to eliminate them from prescribing 2 pound jars of Betamethasone as a 5 day supply. Hmmm. I am also developing a brown bag program for the pharmacy to have. I’ll talk more abut that later.

By the end of the day, I am exhausted. I just have to make it home. By the way, getting into D.C. takes about 35 minutes, getting out takes an hour.

When I finally do get home, I find my self compulsively napping. But that is ok. I only have a few hours anyways. Soon enough I will be asleep, and 6:30 will around, with the sun to wake me up.



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