Riding in cars with… Boys night… Out from Under

5 07 2010

Now that I have been here for a few days, I think it’s time to reflect on a few things.


Riding in Cars with Boys (Keith)

1) When planning for Washington, D.C. I should have given myself a day to pack. Doing it the night before and the day of is stressful and puts you 2 hours behind.

2) No trip down 390 is complete without stopping by the Buckhorn at the TA gas station in Dansville.

3) I always complain about the construction in Rochester, but the construction in the ENTIRE state of Pennsylvania is out of control.

4) Stopping by a fireworks warehouse right over the border the weekend before the 4th = a bouncer for the parking lot, a bouncer to get in, and a bouncer to check out. Awesome.

5) Harrisburg is a death trap.

6) Driving on 695 is an excuse to cut through 5 lanes of traffic without signal in bumper to bumper traffic.

7) I still almost miss my dad’s house.


Boys Night Out

1) My dad’s dog Axi (sp?), will stop at nothing to lick your face. This, after he barks so insanely you think he is going to bit your face. He is a gentle giant.

2) Fire is awesome.

3) Hot dogs cooked on a bamboo stick over a fire pit. More awesome.

4) Being surrounded on two sides with a graveyard, in a house that was built in the 1860’s, that has slave quarters, and from what I told is haunted, is enough to cause a little panic attack every night after I turn the lights out every night.

5) No matter how much work needs to be done, the movie “In Like Flint” is a reasonable excuse to stop.

6) Fireworks are awesome.


Out from Under

1) The best part about the china town metro station is still the Fuddruckers.

2) DC is hot.

3) The National Gallery of Art is a good place to relax and see some cool things.

4) The Hare Krishnas make good food and give it out for free.

5) People will come to from Ohio to sing, but not watch the fireworks.

6) To get though security just say you don’t have contraband, they will believe you.

7) A lot of people come to watch the festivities. A lot. The picture below only shows a small portion of the people that got there 2 hours before the show.

8) The Navy band does a freaking AWESOME rendition of Defying Gravity and Popular from Wicked.

9) The fireworks display in DC causes people to be speechless.

10) The best part of the day: running from the Washington Monument to Le’ Fant plaza with a mass herd of people. I can only imagine a few from the top would come straight out of a disaster movie.

11) When you bet to see what time you will get home from one of the most crowded and busy times of the year, guess 11:07. It turns out that was the exact time (I won 10 bucks).


Miscellaneous Pictures from the 4th:


In summary, it has been a very busy 3 or 4 days. It seems like I have done nothing and everything at the same time. Hopefully I’ll get a chance actually relax a little. Tomorrow begins the first of my 6 rotations.



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