My Top 5 Favorite Drugs

28 06 2010

Ok. So I love drugs, and I know I am a geek. So I sat down and decided to come up with the coolest drugs I have come across.        

5) Statins        

What they are?        

Did you know that Lipitor is the top grossing drug of all time? Or that Simvastatin was the 2nd most prescribe drug of the last year? If you haven’t heard of the statins you must be living under a rock.       

Why they’re cool.         

To me, statins have one of the coolest mechanisms of actions. They block the rate limiting step of cholesterol synthesis, HMG CoA Reductase. But that’s not all. The liver detects the lower levels of cholesterol and in turn it up regulates receptors to grab on to the cholesterol in the blood stream and use it to make bile acids.        

4) Valproic Acid        

What is it?       


Depacon, Depakene, and Depakote are all names for different forms of Valproic Acid. Depakote is indicated for seizure disorders, as well as mania in bipolar disorder. No one knows how it really works, but it is believed to affect some neurotransmitters in the brain and voltage gated sodium channels.        

Why it’s cool.        

So back in the 1880’s a guy named Burton decided that he was going to come up with some solvent for organic compounds. His discovery: Valproic acid, a solvent thought to be an inert substance in the body. Well, nearly 80 years later a French man named Pierre was testing some anti-convulsants. In some of those formulations was Valproic acid, and guess what. The formulations that had Valproic acid seemed to work better.What’s even cooler is some of the investigative uses of Valproic acid. Currently, Valproic acid is in trials as an anti-HIV med, a potential cancer therapy, and a treatment for Lupus.        



3) MuseWhat is it?        

Alprostadil is a prostaglandin. You know those things that cause pain. But more importantly to men with erectile dysfunction, it can give them that “boost of confidence” that Bob from the Enzyte commercial has.       


Why it’s cool.        

For those are squeamish, you may want to skip this paragraph. Muse stands for Medicated Urethral Suppository for Erection. Basically, it’s a pill that you don’t put in your mouth, but where you need it… Let’s leave it at that. Ok, so maybe that isn’t cool, but it is CRAZY. The administration technique is:        

1) Pee
2) Shake (remember any more than 2 times and you’re playing with yourself)
3) Inject pill into urethra
4) Pull the penis up straight and roll in your hands for 10 seconds or up to 60 seconds.
5) Your good to go        

I don’t know about you but, that could be an interesting 2 minutes before sex. Talk about a buzz kill.        


2) Concerta  What is it?        

This is just another form of Ritalin, the drug used to create Zombies out of hyperactive children.        

Why it’s cool.        

Concerta is one of the cooled little pills you’ll ever see, and not because of what is in it, but how the stuff inside get out. When someone first takes the pill some Methylphenidate is released into the system. Then as it sits in the GI tract water will slowly dissolve through a semi-permeable membrane via osmosis. As water enters pressure builds up and drug is shot out through a laser drilled hole! How many things can combine a form of speed, osmosis, and lasers? See my illustration below.        



1) ActiqWhat is it?        

You know of morphine, a nice little drip (or pill) that kills pain? Well Actiq use Fentanyl a drug that is 80 times stronger than morphine. As an interesting piece of history: Fentanyl was a designer drug (a drug synthesized to get around drug laws) for a legal version of Heroin. On the streets its known as China White.        

Why it’s cool.        

Ok, well Fentanyl is cool already because of its awesome strength. I had the (unfortunate) pleasure of getting IV fentanyl for a procedure, and let me tell you I was blacked out, and for 2 hours later a blithering idiot. But I digress. Actiq is a lollipop. That’s right. It is a lollipop with a pain-killer so strong they use it to knock people out.        

Lollipop of Choice for the girls on Toddlers and Tiaras

Mommy this lollipop tastes like broken dreams and heartache.


So are there any drugs that you find cool?   




5 responses

29 06 2010

I want to tell you how nerdy this post is. Quite badly.

However, I just spent the past hour drinking beer with a few guys talking about guitar technique and how its contemporary pedagogical view may actually be (literally) hurting more than helping.

So…instead, I’ll just bid you good day, sir.

29 06 2010

Yea, I know. I need a life, and with that, good day to you as well. I hope you are enjoying Nashville.

13 08 2011

touIpO fuvuwapgghdi

1 07 2010

I didn’t raise you to love drugs….well, maybe I did. I’m glad you are safe and sound in DC. Enjoy the weekend. Good luck on Tuesday!!

12 03 2011
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